My preferred FTS Model is Model A which includes a major field trip outside Mindanao which is Luzon. I preferred this Model because it would my chance to go to Manila with all honesty and I know in Manila, technology is more advanced as compared here in Davao. In that place, a lot of big IT companies are there and it would be our chance to visit. I know that this Model would really cost a big amount of money and it would add burden to my family’s tight budget and that’s why I am grateful enough that the preparation for our FTS is one year because it will give time for them to prepare on such a big amount of money just for my trip because according to the last batch who had their FTS they spent around 17,000 pesos just for the trip and they are a group of 69 and how much more in our group that we are just 48, so there is really a need to have time to prepare for the trip.

I know in Luzon, we will be able to have the chance to learn in a different perspective because it is outside the four corners of our classrooms and at the same time we are learning with enjoyment because I know almost all of us will be our first time to go to Manila and it adds excitement to us all. plus it would be a chance for us all also to participate in the annual prestigious gathering of all IT enthusiasts worldwide which is Y4IT Convention since in Model A, we are required to have one national seminar and we all chose to attend Y4IT because of the experiences and learning’s we will have on that event. As I’ve visited their site, I am so excited for the event because of the speakers they invited to share and talk in front of us all, they are not just ordinary speakers but speakers who are masters of their crafts and are really successful professionals.

Since our course is related to technologies, there is really a need for us to be informed on the advance technologies that our country is using since we all know that Manila is advanced city as compared to Davao and other cities in all over the country because almost all of the main offices of the companies especially IT companies are all located in Luzon and with this trip we will be able to have the chance to visit some of it. And surely it will bring new learning’s for all us that might be a tool to motivate us more to be good in school because we never know that someday, on one of the companies that we had visited there would be chance that one of us might be a part of the company someday or be a speaker at the Y4IT Convention and how I wish I could be one.

Aside from the learning’s that we might gain, I also look forward on our side trips. Who would not want to experience to shop at the SM Mall of Asia, the largest mall in Asia and only located at Manila? Who would not want to go to Tagaytay to experience and witness the beauty of our nature? Who would not want to experience the rides in Enchanted Kingdom and enjoy until our heart’s content? Of course, all of us would want to experience all of those and honestly, it brings excitement for me and happiness because I would experience it all with my friends.

It would also be my first time to ride an airplane and see the world above me because riding an airplane is one of my wish list that I wanted to experience before I reached 25 years old and FTS Model A is a blessing in disguise for me because it will be my chance and I will not let go of that once in a lifetime chance of my life.

It would also be fair to say that majority of the class preferred this model and I know we all have the same reasons to be able to learn in a different perspective and had the chance to explore new things with the help of the advanced technologies that we might be able to witness on that trip and of course to experience to ride a plane and enjoy exploring Luzon and would be our chance to be exposed in places outside Mindanao and a chance to attend an event like Y4IT. We may have diverse opinions but I know those will just meet halfway because I know all of us really wanted to LEARN and learning is what made us all united to agree that we wanted Model A to be our FTS Model.

At first, my parents refuse to agree to allow me to go on this trip but I explained to them that I need this for me to learn. I will not go on a trip just for fun and pleasure but I will go because I wanted to learn new things, I wanted to learn something that I might apply in the near future. This will be my chance to explore the world, but first I will start to explore Luzon and later on if given the chance to explore the world. And this trip will be one of my stepping stones to achieve my goals in life for it will add new learning’s and experiences that o one could take away from me. With those reasons, I am able to convince my parents to allow me to go and sign the letter which chooses FTS MODEL A.



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