My FTS learning’s and experiences are one of the most memorable moments of my life that I would never forget and I would cherish for the rest of my life. We had a one-year preparation for this trip so that all requirements will be met before our trip. Last year, we had a meeting together with the officers of the last batch of the FTS class wherein they shared us they’re experiences on their Manila trip. After the sharing, we had our officer’s election so that we will be able to have the new set of officers who will lead and facilitate the preparations of the trip. Fortunately, I was the one elected by my classmates to be their president. At first, I was hesitated to embrace the responsibility to be their president because I know that it would be a big task for me but at the back of my mind, I know in my heart that I can do it. So, I faced the responsibility wholeheartedly because I know my classmates are on my side especially my co-officers. We had a distribution of letters to the parents to have a survey on what model they would like their child to attend to and majority of the class preferred Model A which is a trip outside Mindanao. I know that this trip would really need a big amount of money and so I reminded my classmates to tell their parents that the trip would really cost thousands. All of us were very excited even though we haven’t enrolled the subject yet. The Commission on Higher Education had a memorandum that we need to comply all the requirements in that memo before we will have our approval from the administration. And there goes my job; I started to comply the requirements last summer even though I am having my practicum subject. It was hard especially I was the only one preparing for it because I am the one who is always present at school because my co-officers don’t have a summer class. It was really exhausting because I am hitting two birds with one stone because I am having my OJT and at the same time I am complying the requirements we need for our field trip. I did not complain because I know it was my responsibility to prepare for our requirements. After two months, our requirements are now ready for submission for us to have an approval from the University President to let us have our trip in Luzon. I was nervous that time because I hear stories that the president would not allow any field trips to happen especially if it’s outside Mindanao and I don’t want to disappoint my classmates and most especially myself because I have exerted too much effort just for the compliance of all the requirements they needed before submission. After submitting the requirements I received a text message from our adviser that I need to see him in his office because he already received the decision from the president and the stories were all true that he will not allow any field trips to happen because of some reasons especially money matters and the safety of the students during the trip. After hearing the NOT so good news, I can’t really explain what I felt because it was really disappointing on my part because I failed my classmates and I failed myself also. I don’t want to tell my classmates about what happened because I know they will be disappointed also but I had to do it so I set for a meeting to explain what happened together with Sir Gamboa and Ma’am Tammy to help in explaining why our trip to Manila was declined by the president. As expected, they did not liked what happened and so we agreed to ask for reconsideration from the president to let us travel to Luzon because of the learning’s that we will have in Luzon. Fortunately, Ma’am Susan helped us in persuading Dr.Alibin to allow us for our travel and so I made a letter of reconsideration addressed to the president that we are appealing that he will reconsider our request to allow us to have our field trip. After an hour of discussion between the president and our dean, finally he allowed us to have our trip and I was very happy about outcome of our appeal.

As the president, I started to prepare for the necessary requirements that we need for the trip especially for the transaction of the travel agency to arrange for our itineraries that we wished to visit during our trip, for the transaction for all our airline tickets, interpersonal seminar before we will have our trip, and many more. One thing I learned being the president is that I need to check my e-mail time to time because it is a very important means of communication of transactions especially Maynilad and Sir Gamboa because I’m the type of person that doesn’t care about e-mails because I already have my fb account but I was wrong because e-mails are important also for there are some messages that should be dealt only through e-mail and not through phone or even facebook. Sometimes I even stay up late because I was checking the Cebu Pacific website because I was waiting for promo fares for us to avail so that we could have a lesser airline cost because knowing that we need to ride an airplane, it would cost a lot so I need to find a way to have a ticket that would cost less and it was also my first time to transact in a travel agency to get an airline ticket because it would also be my first time to ride an airplane. It was a good experience for me because the next time that I will plan to travel, I know how it goes to transact for an airline ticket. All the preparations before the trip are really exhausting and needs a lot effort because knowing that I am handling a group of 48 students and it is obviously a big responsibility for me. Some of my classmates are stubborn and they are really testing my patience but I know I really need to have my patience a little bit longer because one value that a leader must have is patience towards his/her group and as their president, I have to make my patience even longer just for the success of our trip.

A week before our major field trip in Luzon, we had our Interpersonal Skills Seminar facilitated by the UGTO because we need to build a strong foundation within our classmates knowing that we came from different classes and we don’t see and be with the group all the time. It did help us to get to know our classmates more deeply based from the experiences that they have. One thing, I’ve learned in that seminar is that, we are all unique and we are molded by the people around us especially with our family and we should not judge a person right away without knowing where they come from. We must learn how to know the person more before giving judgments on what kind of person they really are. And also, we must also learn to reflect sometimes on what kind of person we are now because sometimes time will come that we may not know ourselves especially when we think what we are doing are all good not knowing we may hurt others. In our seminar also, it build a strong relationship towards my classmates because we shared what’s inside our hearts that we had not shared when we are having our usual conversations. I also enjoyed during the seminar because we have games after and my classmates participated well during the games and also with all the activities we had done during the duration of the seminar.

A day before our trip, we had our Sunday Mass together with our parents for us to have our blessing before going to Manila and for it will also serve as an orientation to all the parents about our final itineraries and expenses we had for the trip. I presented to them about our final itineraries and the financial report so that the parents will be informed on what we will do in Luzon. I was really nervous that time because I will be facing my classmates’ parents and for sure they will be asking questions to me and I’m glad to say that the meeting went well. I reminded all my classmates that our call time is 4am sharp and we will all meet at the airport and they should be wearing their appropriate attires for our first company visit.

It was September 16, 2013, 4 am in the morning and I arrived at the airport earlier because I need to check if my classmates where already present and already inside the waiting area. It was my first time to have my talk to the attendant at the counter for my check-in for my baggage and for my seat number because I really want to sit beside the window because I always wanted to see the world from above. Our arrival to Manila was delayed due to the bad weather who welcomed us on that day. We had our breakfast at Mcdonald’s and after eating we headed straight for our first company visit.

Learning is our main goal that’s why we enrolled in the subject FTS and spent thousands just to go to Manila for we all know that we will be able to learn new things which will be essential for our future. We are all very excited for our first company visit which is Fluor Daniel but it was very disappointing though because we missed the chance. We arrived late in Manila due to the bad condition of the weather and we are caught by heavy traffic along the way because traffic in Manila is twice the traffic compared here in Davao. For us to kill the time, our tour guide, Kuya Byron, entertained us inside the bus and decided that we have our stopover in Quezon City Memorial Circle because some of us needed to attend some personal necessities. We also had our stopover at the famous PBB House and of course, we had our picture taking there. We had our lunch at Jade Valley Restaurant and after that we proceeded for our company visit which is the SSS Main Office. I find the company very clean and the people employed are all very accommodating as we stepped inside their office. We had our registration before proceeding to the lecture proper and they even gave us flyers about SSS so that we will have a bit of information about the company. They also gave freebies; they gave SSS fans to those who answered their questions. After the lecture, we were supposed to have a tour on the other building but it was cancelled because of the rain, so we went to their gallery room instead. We were able to see displays about the history of the Philippines also we had our picture taking their as a remembrance that we were there. The SSS visit went well because all of us listened to the speakers when they were having their talks and some answered their questions and some asked questions to the speakers and it was an interactive lecture for us. It is really amazing to experience visiting a company especially on its main office because all processes involving their company is there and we are able to meet the employees in SSS main office.  I do believe that learning is not limited to the four corners of our classrooms because sometimes we need to go out and explore the world for us to appreciate even more what the world could offer. In our SSS visit, it made me realize how important it is to be a member of SSS because of the benefits it offers to its members.They also introduced us the system they used for all the transactions happening in SSS all over the country. It is big system because it is not limited to the main branch but also to its regional offices in the Philippines. The system is well planned so that it could bring convenience to its users. I appreciate that the government is open to the new trend of technology for the development of their services to their members and to the employees working on their offices as well. After our company visit in the afternoon, we had our side trip in MOA and had our dinner at Balanghay Seafood Restaurant and we ate seafood there. Then we went to our hotel for our check in and for us to rest and be prepared for the next day.

We had our second day at the SM Mall of Asia for us to attend the prestigious annual convention of IT enthusiasts.It will be our first time to attend this prestigious event for IT enthusiasts and it is the reason why all of us were very excited to attend the convention. We chose to attend the first day of the convention since it is a three-day event. Upon arriving on the place, I really expected that many students from all over the country even professionals will attend the event and on what I saw, all my expectations were really true. Before we could enter on the convention hall, I am the one who facilitated the registration since I am the class president. I went to the registration booth and presented the bank receipt and our registration summary for confirmation on our online registration. They provided us our IDs together with the meal stubs and for the certificate. I distributed our IDs so that we can enter the venue and I’m glad to say that we are organized upon entering the venue. When we entered the venue, we grab our Y4it bags because we paid for it. The place is dark and I don’t know why but it is still good and the convention center is really cold especially it’s early in the morning when we are there. The place is really dark and I don’t know the reason why the place is set up like that. The convention is officially opened by Mr. John Peter Abraham Ruero, Vice President for Externals of PSITE and all of us were very excited because of the inspirations it will bring to all of us. They also gave freebies for the raffle like cameras, cellphones and for the grand prize is a laptop and how I wish I could be one of the lucky winners.The first speaker is Mr. Paul Rivera the Founder and CEO of Kalibrr, the first Filipino start-up in Silicon Valley. Its objectives are getting easy jobs in the Philippines, to identify and build skills to get best jobs. The second speaker in which amazes and inspired me is Ms. Rhea Althea Guntalilib, a Software Communications Analyst in Smart Communciations Inc., she inspires me because despite her disability she is still able to become successful and graduated with flying colors in Informatics International College in Diliman. From her talk, I am able to realize that there is no hindrance if we want to be successful someday. The third speaker is Mr. Kevin Leverse, Ceo and Founder of Startup Dragon, fourth speaker is Mr. Winthrop Yu, President of the Internet Society- Philippine Chapter, and the last speaker in the morning is Ms. Sheryl Hermoso, Training Officer in Asia Pacific Network Information Center, her story is inspiring also because she is a working student but she managed to work in a big company while studying. In the afternoon, the speakers were Mr. Aurelio Vilbar, Principal in UP Cebu Highschool and Mr. Kim Bondoc, Faculty member in UP Cebu Highschool. Mr. Paul Pajo from Ideaspace is also a guest speaker in the afternoon and introduced us what Ideaspace is all about and the last speaker is Mr. Chino Philip Adrian Atilano, Co-Founder and CEO of Time- Free Innovations, Inc. I find the Y4It Conventions very amazing and informative especially to us IT students because we need those testimonials, information from successful speakers as a motivation for us that someday we will be successful and we never know that one of us might be a guest speaker for the event. I hope I would become one. From the speakers from of the convention, Mr. Paul Rivera and Ms. Rhea Guntalilib are my favorites because they moved me and they inspired me that if I wanted to be successful, I will be. From Mr. Rivera’s talk he gave us five lessons that we could use for the future on how we could be successful. Lesson 1: “There is no replacement for hard work.”  Indeed that our hard work is our capital in achieving our success because success is earned and it would be more fulfilling if we gained it through hard work. Our sacrifices and hard works that we exerted is nothing if we will compare to the success that we will be able to achieve someday. For me, success is more fulfilling if it is gained though our own blood and sweat. Lesson 2: “The friends you make today become the people who will help you tomorrow.” The saying is really true that “No man is an island” because whether we like it or not, we really need someone who is there to help us for it would be easier for us to be successful if there are people who will help us along the way. We never know that, the friend we helped today might be that someone who will help you in the success of your career.Lesson 3: “Failure is a part of life. Get over it and keep moving forward.” Failures are our motivation for us to be successful for we will not be able to achieve it if we fail and it would our inspirations to be better next time. Lesson 4: “Entrepreneurs are risk takers and see the invisible.”  And lesson 5:  “Be inspired by something. Entrepreneurship means making your own life.” Ideas are mere inspirations by those people who are now successful today. Just like Kalibrr, it all started from an idea to help people who are not able to finish studies because of some problems most especially financial problems, it is way to find better jobs and an assessment and a tool to build skills for them.But look where is Kalibrr now, it is the first Filipino startup to be accepted in Silicon Valley. It is really a good startup that could surely help thousands of Filipinos who are looking for job opportunities. I hope that someday, I could be one of them in my own way.Ms. Rhea Althea Guntalilib because she lost her sense of sight and completely become blind at the age of 18. During those days, for me is the start of our youth. It is the time where we should enjoy college and go out with friends and face the hardships we will encounter. If we considered college life really hard for her it is times two because she is blind. And I am really proud of her achievements because despite that she is blind she is more successful than those people who are complete and doesn’t have any disabilities. I salute her for that. It is really a good example of inspiration especially to those with disabilities that it not yet the end of the world. They can still compete and belong to the society. It is an eye opener for me that I should value what I have and used it in a good way because it would help me to become successful someday. I am really honoured to be able to hear her talk during the Y4iT convention and was able to have a picture with her. After the convention, we went to Tutuban and all of us were very excited because we know we will be able to buy stuffs in a very low price and we can buy pasalubongs there. I just don’t like the traffic on our way to Tutuban Mall because it takes an hour before we could reach the place and we were just given an hour and a half to walk around and buy things. We all enjoyed exploring the place and we wanted to go back if we have time but sad to say there were none. After the trip, we went back to our hotel to rest and be ready for tomorrow is another day. I’ve also observed that all my classmates were very tired because as I was checking for their attendance, some were already asleep and did not have the chance to change their clothes because they are all tired. Some got sick like fever, cough, colds and even headaches but we are ready for that instance because we have a medicine kit packed with medicines to cater their medical needs just in case.

On the third day, we visit PLDT InnoLab and IBM Innovation Center. I am so excited for the visit because it would be our chance to have a tour in two of the biggest IT Companies in the Philippines. We are thirty minutes early in PLDT and waited inside the bus for the registration. Cameras and cell phones were not allowed inside the company for some security matters to protect them from their rivals. We are greatful that w ehad the chance to have our class picture inside the company courtesy PLDT Innolab. Ma’am Annie together with Sir Gino is the one who welcomed us in PLDT and the two of them were all very accommodating especially Ma’am Annie who is the one who shared to all of us the birth of PLDT, from where it all started up to the day that they become one of the largest Telecommunications Company in the Philippines. INNOLAB stands for Innovation Laboratory and Telecommunications, Education Cemter of PLDT it is quite long but all of it says it all. After the orientation,Sir Gino is the one who toured us in their upstairs where we saw the projects, products of PLDT. He introduced us the Smart Home where as the owner of the house, we will be able to access our own appliances. For an instance, we forgot to turn the television off, through their Smart Home we can make it possible that even if we’re not at home, we can still manipulate our appliances. But this project of PLDT is not yet introduced into the market because it needs some improvements to provide a quality product to users. They also introduced to us their Smart Tracker, a tracking device with GPS where you will be able to locate people with the use of their product but according to them their target market is delivery companies so that they can help monitor their delivery vehicles if they delivered the goods at the right places and they can locate where the truck is heading in real time. We were also given the chance to enter their board room and most of us were so amazed because of what we can see inside. It is like what we see in movies in where board members were able to see their employees from above through a glass wall. I really like that feeling and how I imagined that I am one of the board members of PLDT. After our tour, we went back to the room where we have our orientation because someone is waiting for us. Our speaker for PLDT Innolab was Engr. Edmund Mamboyo, Lead Training Officer at PLDT, gave us a short but informative talk about the Basics of Communication and how PLDT touched the lives of thousands Filipinos worldwide that despite some trials they have undergone, they still managed to improve their service to provide quality services to their users. I am also honored that I am given the chance to meet and listened to a very nice speaker and I really liked him, he even gave us his contact details in case we might need him. In the afternoon, we had our 2nd company visit at IBM and I can say that it is a very great experience that I had the chance to visit the place and considered as one of the biggest IT companies in the world. Mr. Alexis V. Pantola, Technical Manager in IBM Innovation Center. He is indeed a good speaker because of his speaking skills, he speaks English fluently and truly a well-practiced speaker. He gave us a talk about Smarter Analytics and the topic for me is very new because it would be my first time to hear about it. As the discussion goes by, Smarter Analytics is a system in which organizations can turn data coming from mobile phones, internet and other technologies that provides data into insight and from this insight into a better business outcome. This system analyzes data from machine-operated sensors, video, email and social media that enables organizations to gain entirely new insights to be used in business. It also reveals patterns within data that enable individuals and organizations to make the right decisions at the right time. Honestly, I could not relate on his topic but it would be a helpful tool if someday I would engage in business. After the discussion, we had the chance to have a picture with the IBM logo in the office. In our company visit on the second day, I learned that communication is vital for us all and without communication; this world would be in great chaos. I am thankful to PLDT because of the services they offered for us Filipinos and to other communication companies who made communication possible for us all. After the visit, we went shopping at Trinoma Mall, I could compare Trinoma to Gmall here in Davao because the price of their products are not that expensive as compared to MOA. I am able to buy some stuff there with a low price because of the Mall Sale on that day, I also wanted to buy JCo Donuts but the line is long so I decided not to buy and went back to our bus instead. On that day also, we had our videoke on the bus while we are on the way and all of us wanted to sing but only few can be catered because of the span of time and of course, I sat in front of the bus so I sang a couple of songs. We enjoyed on our mini concert inside the bus and wanted to sing but we already arrived at the hotel so it will be continued on the next day.

On our fourth day, we had our visit on Toshiba located in Laguna but I was not able to see the view along the way because I was sleeping while on travel for I was still sleepy that time. When we arrived on the place, I did not expect that we may able to see familiar faces because some of the employees who welcomed us are our schoolmates from USEP. As I can see, they are all very excited to see us all in our visit. I observed that all the employees are very courteous because every time we passed by they greeted us with “Good Morning” and of course with a smile. It was my first time also to experience a toilet bowl that is warm because I a sit on the bowl, the surface is warm and so as the water, it is also warm and honestly I was a bit ignorant about it. Mr. Emir Ramos, General Manager of the plant is the one who gave us an orientation about the company. The company is really strict when it comes to their rules and regulations while we were inside their premises. They even gave us caps, shirts and shoes to wear while we are on tour so for us we felt that we belong because we had the chance to wear Toshiba’s uniform. We were grouped by two so that we could have our tour in different ways in order to accommodate us all. All process for their products are machine operated but under the supervision of the employees to assure the quality of their products. After our plant tour, we returned to the orientation room and some employees from USEP and other schools had their sharing about their experiences in the company and to sum it up Toshiba changed their lives and in that company they had their 2nd family. I enjoyed during our plant tour in Toshiba and I wish I could visit in the place again or be in the family if given the chance.  I learned that in manufacturing products, the manufacturing company should provide quality products to its consumers to gain trust from consumers and one way of assuring the durability of their products is to have the best people to supervise the processes of the products and to have high end materials such as machines for the processing and also to the parts they will use for the products. Toshiba had made it to their vision and that is to be a world leader in high technology, diversified manufacturer and marketer of advanced electronics because of the products they have and introduced to the market and as well the people behind their products.

After Toshiba, is our most awaited moment of our trip, to have our sight-seeing in Tagaytay and visit People’s Park in the Sky. In that place, nature is what they wanted us to experience because from there, we can see the view of the Taal Volcano and other wonders of nature. How I wish I could visit that place again. We didn’t stayed long in Tagaytay because our next destination is Enchanted Kingdom and our excitement arises as we came nearer to the place. We arrived late based on our itinerary and we are only given 2 hours to enjoy EK. We ran to try all the extreme rides and first in line is Space Shuttle and on that experience I shouted very loud because of the impact it will bring while in motion, it seems my world is spinning and my head is twisting at the same time. Next is Anchors Away, we all thought that the ride is just smooth and fine but we under estimated it because when the ship is going higher I felt that all I’ve ate during lunch would want to burst out. The very scary and breath taking Drop Zero was our third ride and the ride is really unexplainable and awesome. We also tried Disc Oh Magic, Flying Fiesta, Rio Grande Rapids and my last ride, Jungle Log Jam. After trying all the rides that I wanted, I rested and had some picture takings as my souvenirs that I have been to Enchanted Kingdom. Time check it’s already 7pm and its closing time but in that 2 hours of extreme experiences are one of the best 2hours of my life.

On our fifth day, we visited MMDA and I was able to see how they monitor the heavy traffic in Metro Manila and also the road incidents that they need to respond just in case there is. They introduced us the equipment they use for monitoring traffic and the calamities that Metro Manila would encounter. It is not just for monitoring the traffic but MMDA is also concerned for the natural calamities that could possibly nature would bring us especially in Metro Manila because as we all know, Metro Manila is very prone to these calamities especially heavy rains and floods. After the discussion in the command center, we had our discussion about earthquakes and what are the dos and don’ts when there is earthquake. Some of us had experienced there earthquake drill inside the Shake, Rattle and Learn House, it is a house designed for earthquakes drills and on how to demonstrate what should we do when there is earthquake. On my opinion, the government made a right move to fund projects like the services of MMDA because it is one way of assuring the safety of Filipinos specifically in Metro Manila. Advancement of technologies is indeed a big need for the country because of the help it may offer for our country like in monitoring traffic, crimes, road accidents, natural calamities. We still need advanced equipments to assure the quality of services and safety of mankind. In MMDA, discipline is very much exercised as to their tagline- “Marangal, Matapat, Disiplinado Ako!”

On our minor field trip, we visited our very own Davao City’s Public Safety & Security Command Center. It was actually my first time to see and visit the place, I was amazed that our government had an initiative to have this kind of facility for our city because the number priority of our government is to promote our city that life begins here. It assures for all our safety 24/7 that even at night, all the cameras are clear and accurate as to the monitoring of traffic, crimes and even terrorism. With this place, I am proud to say that Davao City is truly a livable place for all Dabawenyos and criminals should be afraid to do things that are against the law because they are monitored in every side of the city.

 Our major and minor field trip taught me the value of responsibility, patience and perseverance because those were the values that a leader must possess especially handling a big group like ours especially that we are having our field trip in Luzon and as well here in Davao also. I may not be a perfect leader to them but I know in my heart that I did my best to make our trip successful and be smooth as it can be. The trip is not just a pleasure trip because it brought us many learning’s that we can apply in our careers someday and also inspirations for us to persevere more in our studies. To cut the story short, our field trip is really informative especially in our course because we visited IT related companies that all speakers shared their knowledge and experiences that we may apply someday and I can say that all our efforts are worth it. And to the students who will have their FTS next year always remember to listen to the speakers and comprehend everything they have discussed because you will not spent a large amount of money just to have fun because you are all there to LEARN, LEARN, LEARN, LEARN and have FUN! 🙂




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