University of Southeastern Philippines

Bo. Obrero Campus, Davao City


October 1, 2013


Seminar Overview


Our one-day minor field trip here in our city, Davao City is also one of a kind because through this trip I am able to appreciate Davao more especially our government who had the initiative to have this kind of services and equipments for the safety of all Dabawenyos. it is really true that in Davao City, our lives begins here because of the safetiness it could guarantee to all. Having the chance to visit Davao City Public Safety and Security Command Center is a great privilege because I am able to see how the government are monitoring us 24/7 just to ensure our safety of course woth the help of all the equipments they used to make it possible like the  CCTVs installed all over the city so that they may able to capture videos in monitoring traffic, crimes and terrorisms. all CCTV cameras are in high definition and even at night it is still very clear in the monitor of the command center. I really like the place because without PSSCC there will be no monitoring for our safety.

 DAY 1

Today I went to a company to visit Davao City’s Public Safety & Security Command Center located at Sandawa. This trip is our minor field trip for our subject and we chose this place because we want to compare MMDA and PSSCC. MMDA and PSSCC have similarities when it comes to services because they both monitor traffic and road accidents. They also  have differences like MMDA also monitors the natural calamities and disasters in order for them to prevent it but PSSCC doesn’t monitor natural calamities and other disasters but they give assistance instead when there are problems occurring concerning it. The two government companies also have equipments like CCTV cameras, wide screen computers and other gadgets for monitoring purposes but if I am going to compare it, PSSCC has advanced equipments compared to MMDA because of the quality of cameras we had in Davao City, it has high resolutions that everything what the camera could record is very clear not unlike in MMDA that their cameras are pixelized and sometimes it lags. PSSCC has a bigger building compared to MMDA wherein they have separate rooms for traffic monitoring and Intelligence monitoring like crimes happening in public places, terrorism and for emergency purposes. PSSCC had a partnership with IBM for the cameras they will provide for the city. I am so thankful that our City Government is funding projects like these because it ensures the safety of all Dabawenyos against crime and terrorism and for a better monitoring of our traffic. The farthest location of the CCTV camera in the south is Sirawan and in the north is Lasang, it is very commendable that those places are also installed with those cameras knowing that they are really far from the City Proper and I can say that Davao City is very safe because even at night the cameras are still monitoring entire Davao and they could still capture very clear even if its dark. Truly is Davao City a best place to live because of the safety the city could offer to everybody and I am proud to say that I am from Davao City.

What I learned?

I learned that Davao City is a safe place for everyone because of the services concerning it like the installation of CCTV cameras to monitor crimes and terrorism in the city to ensure the safety of everyone and through this, it is one way of promoting Davao City is indeed a livable city and your life is here.

What I liked?

I really liked the place and how they worked really hard for the assurance of our safety. How the city is doing such effort so that Davao City would be a very good place to live with.

What I didn’t like?

There’s nothing much I didn’t like about PSSCC but there are restricted places where we can’t take pictures and the speaker did not have formal introduction about PSSCC.



What can I recommend for the improvement of the advance seminar program of USEP?


For me, I would recommend PSSCC as one of the choices of the students who will take up the subject next year because it is a great place and for them to be able to appreciate more our city but I would also suggest that they should also include other IT Companies for their choices for the minor field trip and not just PSSCC alone.

My advice to those who will take their advance seminar program in the near future.

My advice to those wo will take up their minor field trip in the near future is that they must inculcate in their minds that they are doing this in order for them to learn. They ask questions to speakers so that they would have clarifications and learn something new from them because speakers could not provide all information we need so asking questions is one way of learning also.  They must also learn to behave well and be disciplined enough because they are bringing the name of USEP. And learn to appreciate that even if it’s a minor field trip it is also learning outside the four corners of our classrooms.





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