University of Southeastern Philippines

Bo. Obrero Campus, Davao City



September 16-20,2013


Seminar Overview

Our five-day trip in Manila is a very memorable, fun yet informative experience for me. We all have the chance to visit IT Companies and not just IT Companies but some of the largest IT Companies like PLDT, IBM and Toshiba. Having heard from the different talks of the speakers in every company visit we had made me realize that Filipinos has a lot to offer. Filipinos are really brilliant when it comes to innovating technologies like what PLDT and IBM is doing, they innovate technology in order to provide a more advanced way of living. Among the companies we visited, I really liked PLDT because its services are in line in our craft, they provide software and hardware needs to the people.  Communication would not be possible without PLDT and other TeleCom Companies they showed us what technology could offer to people and that technology could still be improved in order to make our living easier. And also being one of the participants of the biggest IT Conference, Y4IT is a privilege because we are able to hear talks from different speakers who are a master of their craft. They give inspirations to us students or even professionals that everything is possible if we believe in our capabilities just like Ms. Rhea Guntalilib that even if she is blind she is able to be successful in her career, she just proved to us all that disabilities is not a hindrance to success and we are more lucky who had eyes to see, ears to hear, nose to smell, hands to touch and feet to walk because we are able, so we don’t have an excuse that we can’t do it because even a blind person could manage to do things that a man who is not blind could do. In Mr. Paul Rivera’s talk, he shared to us that poverty is not also a hindrance towards success because there are ways for us to be productive and to gain success someday. From our travel, I have experienced many first times like riding an airplane, went to Manila, had shopping at MOA and other Malls like Trinoma and Tutuban, had seen the beauty of Tagaytay and experienced the rides in Enchanted Kingdom. Everything I have learned will always be in my mind and the experiences I have will be forever cherished in my heart.


Day 1


Today, I went on a company to learn. Learning is our main purpose why we spent thousands just to go to Manila because we know in that place; we can learn new things that would be essential for our future. On our first company visit, it was really disappointing because we were not able to make it due to unexpected reasons like our flight was delayed because of the weather in Manila, the plane was not able to land on time and also the heavy traffic in Manila that cause us to be late from our company visit, Fluor Daniel in Alabang. We just stayed on our bus to kill the time and went to Quezon City Memorial Circle to stop for a while because some of our classmates need to attend their personal needs and also we stopped over on PBB House and have some pictures there. After the stop over, we headed for our lunch in Jade Valley and we had a very good lunch because it’s buffet. After having lunch, at 2 pm we headed straight to SSS for our second company visit. That place is the main office of SSS in which Davao City had its branch located at Bajada. The main office of SSS is big and I find it very clean and the people there were so accommodating because they greeted us with smiles on their faces. Before proceeding to the lecture proper, we had our registration and they gave us flyers about SSS so that we would have a bit of information about SSS. They also gave freebies; they gave SSS fans to those who answered their questions. After the lecture, we were supposed to have a tour on the other building but it was cancelled because of the rain, so we went to their gallery room instead. We were able to see displays about the history of the Philippines also we had our picture taking their as a remembrance that we were there. The SSS visit went well because all of us listened to the speakers when they were having their talks and some answered their questions and some asked questions to the speakers and it was an interactive lecture for us. It is really amazing to experience visiting a company especially on its main office because all processes involving their company is there and we are able to meet the employees in SSS main office.

What I learned?

I learned that learning is not limited to the four corners of our classrooms. Sometimes we need to go out and explore the world. In our company visit in SSS, I am able to realized how important is to be a SSS member because of the benefits it offers to its members. They also introduced us the system they used for all the transactions happening in SSS all over the country. It is big system because it is not limited to the main branch but also to its regional offices in the Philippines. The system is well planned so that it could bring convenience to its users. I appreciate that the government is open to the new trend of technology for the development of their services to their members and to the employees working on their offices as well.

What I liked?

I liked how they welcomed us in their company with smiles on their faces and enthusiasm on delivering their lectures to us. I liked the place because it is well organized and clean also. Their gallery also is very informative to people who will visit there. I liked the speakers because they know what they are talking about and were able to answer all the questions thrown to them.

What I didn’t like?

The place where we have our lecture on SSS is very cold in which I didn’t like because it tempts us to sleep while the speakers were having their talks and also the second speaker who introduced us their system has a very low voice that for those occupying the back seats were not able to hear him.

Day 2


Today, I went on a seminar to learn and attend the annual Y4it Convention held on SMX Convention Center for a whole day. It will be our first time to attend this prestigious event for IT enthusiasts and it is the reason why all of us were very excited to attend the convention. We chose to attend the first day of the convention since it is a three-day event. On our arrival, I really expected that many students’ even professionals will really attend the event and based on what I saw, my expectations were really true. Before entering the venue for the Y4it, I am the one who facilitated the registration since I was the class president. I went to the registration booth and presented the bank receipt and our registration summary for confirmation on our online registration. They provided us our individual IDs together with the meal stubs and for our certificate. I distributed our IDs so that we can enter the venue and I’m glad to say that we are organized upon entering the venue. When we entered the venue, we grab our Y4it bags because we paid for it. The place is dark and I don’t know why but it is still good and the convention center is really cold especially it’s early in the morning when we are there. The convention is officially opened by Mr. John Peter Abraham Ruero the Vice President for Externals of PSITE and all of us were very excited because we wanted to be inspired by the speakers of this day and not just only that, they give freebies for the raffle draw like cellphones, cameras and the grand prize is a laptop how great it is. The first speaker is Mr. Paul Rivera the Founder and CEO of Kalibrr, the first Filipino start-up in Silicon Valley. Its objectives are getting easy jobs in the Philippines, to identify and build skills to get best jobs. The second speaker in which amazes and inspired me is Ms. Rhea Althea Guntalilib, a Software Communications Analyst in Smart Communciations Inc., she inspires me because despite her disability she is still able to become successful and graduated with flying colors in Informatics International College in Diliman. From her talk, I am able to realize that there is no hindrance if we want to be successful someday. The  thirdspeaker is Mr. Kevin Leverse, Ceo and Founder of Startup Dragon, fourth speaker is Mr. Winthrop Yu, President of the Internet Society- Philippine Chapter, and the last speaker in the morning is Ms. Sheryl Hermoso, Training Officer in Asia Pacific Network Information Center, her story is inspiring also because she is a working student but she managed to work in a big company while studying. In the afternoon, the speakers were Mr. Aurelio Vilbar, Principal in UP Cebu Highschool and Mr. Kim Bondoc, Faculty member in UP Cebu Highschool. Mr. Paul Pajo from Ideaspace is also a guest speaker in the afternoon and introduced us what Ideaspace is all about and the last speaker is Mr. Chino Philip Adrian Atilano, Co-Founder and CEO of Time- Free Innovations, Inc.. I find the Y4It Conventions very amazing and informative especially to us IT students because we need those testimonials, information from successful speakers as a motivation for us that someday we will be successful  and we never know that one of us might be a guest speaker for the event. I hope I would become one.


What I learned?

Among the speakers Mr. Paul Rivera and Ms. Rhea Guntalilib are my favorites because they touched me and able to inspire me that if I want to become successful, I will be!

Coming from Mr. Paul’s talk his lessons that he shared to us.

Lesson 1: “There is no replacement for hard work.”

True! Our hard work is our capital in being successful because success should be earned and it would be very fulfilling if we gained it through hard work. The sacrifices and hard works we exerted is nothing compared to the success we will be able to achieve someday. Because for me, it is more fulfilling if success is gained through our own sweat and blood.

Lesson 2: “The friends you make today become the people who will help you tomorrow.”

It’s really true because there’s a saying that “No man is an island.” We need someone to help us because it would be easier for us to become successful if there are people who helped us along the way. We never know that, the friend we helped today might be that someone who will help you in the success of your career.

Lesson 3: “Failure is a part of life. Get over it and keep moving forward.”

Failures made us stronger. It is the one who will motivate us to be better next time.

Lesson 4: “Entrepreneurs are risk takers and see the invisible.”

Lesson 5:  “Be inspired by something. Entrepreneurship means making your own life.”

True! Ideas are just inspiration by people who are successful today. Just like Kalibrr it is just an idea to help people who are not able to finish school to find better jobs and would be able to build skills appropriate for them. But look where is Kalibrr now, it is the first Filipino startup to be accepted in Silicon Valley. It is really a good startup that could surely help thousands of Filipinos who are looking for job opportunities. I hope that someday, I could be one of them in my own way.

The second speaker that inspired me the most is Ms. Rhea Althea Guntalilib because she lost her sense of sight and completely become blind at the age of 18. During those days, for me is the start of our youth. It is the time where we should enjoy college and go out with friends and face the hardships we will encounter. If we considered college life really hard for her it is times two because she is blind. And I am really proud of her achievements because despite that she is blind she is more successful than those people who are complete and doesn’t have any disabilities. I salute her for that. It is really a good example of inspiration especially to those with disabilities that it not yet the end of the world. They can still compete and belong to the society. It is an eye opener for me, that I should value what I have and used it in a good way because it would help me to become successful someday. I am really honored to be able to hear her talk during the Y4iT convention and was able to have a picture with her.

What I liked?

I really like the venue of the Y4it Convention this year because it is able to accommodate all the participants for the convention. Also the speakers were all amazing and had done great in their crafts.

What I didn’t like?

I didn’t like the darkness of the venue because some are not listening, some are just sleeping, and some are bored and not able to participate. And there is a part in which it is completely dark and those participants were not been recognized well because they are hardly seen in the venue.

Day 3


Today, I went on a company to learn and visit PLDT InnoLab and IBM Innovation Center. I am so excited for this company visit because we were given the chance to have a tour in two of the biggest IT companies in the Philippines. We arrived thirty minutes early in PLDT and waited on our bus for the registration. Cell phones and cameras were not allowed inside PLDT for security purposes to protect them from their rival companies. But it’s alright because we had our class picture courtesy of PLDT Innolab. We had our tour inside their company, and we were able to see the evolution of PLDT from its birth up to the age of transformation.  The one who welcomed us in PLDT is Ma’am Annie together with Sir Gino and they are so accommodating especially Ma’am Annie who shared to us the birth of PLDT, from where it started up to the day that they become one of the largest  Telecommunications Company in the Philippines. And by the way, INNOLAB stands for Innovation Laboratory and Telecommunications, Education Center of PLDT quite long but it says it all. After our short orientation, Sir Gino is the one who toured us in their upstairs where we saw the projects, products of PLDT. He introduced us the Smart Home where as the owner of the house, we will be able to access our own appliances. For an instance, we forgot to turn the television off, through their Smart Home we can make it possible that even if we’re not at home, we can still manipulate our appliances. But this project of PLDT is not yet introduced into the market because it needs some improvements to provide a quality product to users. They also introduced to us their Smart Tracker, a tracking device with GPS where you will be able to locate people with the use of their product but according to them their target market is delivery companies so that they can help monitor their delivery vehicles if they delivered the goods at the right places and they can locate where the truck is heading in real time. We were also given the chance to enter their board room and most of us were so amazed because of what we can see inside. It is like what we see in movies in where board members were able to see their employees from above through a glass wall. I really like that feeling and how I imagined that I am one of the board members of PLDT. After our tour, we went back to the room where we have our orientation because someone is waiting for us. Our speaker for PLDT Innolab was Engr. Edmund Mamboyo, Lead Training Officer at PLDT, gave us a short but informative talk about the Basics of Communication and how PLDT touched the lives of thousands Filipinos worldwide that despite some trials they have undergone, they still managed to improve their service to provide quality services to their users. I am really honored that I am able to meet and listened to a nice speaker that he even gave us his contact details in case we might need him. He also offered that he is just an email away if we want to have a resource speaker in one of the seminar that IC would provide; he would be much honored to become one.

We had our 2nd company visit for this day at IBM and for me it’s one of the best company visit we had because it is a great experience that I am able to stepped inside the building of one of the biggest IT companies in the world. Our speaker for that visit was Mr. Alexis V. Pantola the Technical Manager in IBM Innovation Center. He oversees the IBM Academic Initiative program in the Philippines and provides supports to other academic initiative in the South East Asian region such as providing instructor training in Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand. He is a good speaker because he speaks English fluently and obviously a well practiced speaker. He is also a part time teacher in La Salle and if given the chance I would like to be one of his students.  He gave us a talk about Smarter Analytics and honestly it was my first time to hear about it. He discussed that two and a half quintillion bytes of data are created each day.  Ninety percent of the world data was created in last two years alone and all coming from our mobile phones, internet and etc. Smarter Analytics is system in which organizations can turn these data into insight, and insight into better business outcomes.  It analyzes data from machine-operated sensors, video, email and social media, which enable organizations to gain entirely new insights that, were not possible even a few short years ago. And Smarter Analytics reveals patterns within data that enable individuals and organizations to make the right decisions at the right time. Even though I am not able to relate much in his topic but I know someday I might use what he discussed to us and find it very useful in my career in the near future. After his discussion, we had the chance to have a picture with the IBM logo which is designed as a collage.

What I learned?

I learned a bit of Smarter Analytics on what it could offer to people especially to organizations and even individuals to have a guide to make right decisions in organizing data at the right time also. It is very useful especially in companies that would help analyze data and could turn it into insights that they might use for a better result for their business. And I think it could also help us, students, for it is a useful tool that could help us in our data analyzing and provide improved outcomes in our studies.

I also learned that communication is very vital in our everyday lives. Without it, we could not be able to connect to our families, friends, relatives and many others. That’s why I am very thankful to PLDT because they provided us a better solution to communication and not just PLDT I would commend but also to other TeleCom Companies because without them, communication would be very impossible to us all.

What I liked?

I liked the speaker, the way he speaks and totally the place. How I wish that someday I will visit IBM Philippines again and fortunately be one of their family.

For PLDT, I also liked our speaker because he is nice and approachable and also the place because it could accommodate us all and all of the technologies they could offer to us. And it as my first time to see a touch screen projector wall.

What I didn’t like?

There’s nothing much that I didn’t like but for their server room because it is small and we were grouped in 3 batches so that we will have the chance to see the room and it makes discussion of the topic not to start right away.

For PLDT, I really liked the place and my only concern is that it is really freezing cold inside the orientation room.

Day 4

Today, I went on a company to visit Toshiba in Canlubang, Laguna, one of the largest Storage Company in the world.  Surprisingly, we met some of our schoolmates from USEP who already worked in the company. Seeing from their faces, that they are very happy that we are one of their visitors for a plant visit. The employees there are very courteous that whenever we passed by they always greet us with a smile. Mr. Emir Ramos the General Manager was the one who welcomed us and gave us an orientation about their company. It is on our company visit that I knew that the name “Toshiba” was derived from “Tokyo Shibaura” that’s why it’s now called Toshiba.

On our plant tour, the company is really strict when it comes to rules because before our visit they gave us ahead their plant tour rules that we must follow accordingly. They even provide us caps, shirts and shoes that we must use inside the plant premises. We really love the feeling that we are able to experience to wear Toshiba’s uniform but ours was different to the employees. When we had our plant, we were grouped by two so that we could have our tour in different ways in order to accommodate us all. We were able to see what machines do to process the production of the devices. All processes were done by machines and the employees are the ones who supervise it. It is very clean inside the plant and peaceful inside the plant that’s why I like it because it is a healthy environment. I can really attest that Toshiba products are very durable and in quality condition because I am using one, I may be bias but honestly speaking even if I am not using one I would agree that their products are one of the best.

After our plant tour, we returned to the orientation room and some employees from USEP and other schools had their sharing about their experiences in the company and to sum it up Toshiba changed their lives and in that company they had their 2nd family. I enjoyed during our plant tour in Toshiba and I wish I could visit in the place again or be in the family if given the chance.

Toshiba is the only company we visited today because we will have our Tagaytay trip after. We are all very excited that even though it’s raining, we don’t mind because of our excitement to visit the place. We had our lunch in Max’s Restaurant and from there we can already see the view of Taal Volcano and of course, we had our picture taking with the Taal Volcano as our background. After lunch, is our trip to Tagaytay’s People’s Park in the Sky, but we have to walk to reach the top for us to see the beautiful view that only our nature could offer. We did not missed the chance to take some pictures as our souvenirs that we went to this place and able to see the beauty of nature. We only have 20 minutes – 30 minutes in Tagaytay because we will be heading to Enchanted Kingdom. Yes! Enchanted Kingdom and we are very excited because most of us would be a first time experience and what makes me happy is that I am able to experience it my friends. We headed straight to the extreme rides because w eonly have 2 hours for our EK experience since we arrived at 5pm and EK closes at 7pm. Our first ride is the Space Shuttle, without any doubt I tried that ride because of the experience that I will have. I am so excited for the ride and I was not disappointed because it is awesome. All of us shouted as the ride is going on, I didn’t feel any dizziness but I can feel that my head is twisting as I am riding it. Our 2nd ride is Anchors Away, at first I thought it was boring and not that extreme but as it was starting to swing higher, I feel that all the food inside my stomach wants to come up but fortunately it didn’t. We were all shouting and I can see the funny faces of my friends on the other side of the ship and how they reacted for the ride. 3rd ride id the Drop Zero and for me looking at it makes me want to back out but at the back of my mind, why should I? It would be an awesome experience for me and I would not do it alone. As the ride is starting to go up, we were all nervous and from our seat we can see the overlooking view of Laguna. We are nervous when will it stop and drop us without us knowing and so as we are being dropped, I can feel that my soul parted from my body and I can’t really explain the feeling. The drop is only 3 seconds but it was the best 3 seconds of my life so far.  4th ride is Disc Oh Magic, this ride really made me dizzy and it makes me want to jump from where I am because it keeps spinning for 3 minutes and the feeling that your world is also spinning. I will never try this rode again because I don’t like it. We also tried the Flying Fiesta and it also makes me dizzier and I did not enjoy this ride. 6ht ride is Rio Grande Rapids and I enjoyed it because it is a water ride and fortunately I was not wet for the duration of the ride because I’m lucky to sit at the spot where the water is just steady. My last ride is the Jungle Log Jam and it was like a roller coaster ride but in the water. It was a scary ride because it didn’t have a seatbelt and all we have to do is hold on the handles on our sides. Then after the ride I can see that EK is closing because it was 7pm already and we have to head straight to our buses for us to have our dinner. That 2 hours experience is a memorable experience for me and it will be forever cherished.

What I learned?

I learned that in manufacturing products, the manufacturing company should provide quality products to its consumers to gain trust from consumers and one way of assuring the durability of their products is to have the best people to supervise the processes of the products and to have high end materials such as machines for the processing and also to the parts they will use for the products. Toshiba had made it to their vision and that is to be a world leader in high technology, diversified manufacturer and marketer of advanced electronics because of the products they have and introduced to the market and as well the people behind their products

What I liked?

In our plant tour visit in Toshiba, I actually like the discipline of everybody to abide the rules of the company because discipline is one of the values we need in order to meet our goals in life. If the people working in Toshiba don’t have that discipline, that place would never be the same when we had our visit.

What I didn’t like?

Everything I experienced and saw during our visit in Toshiba is really commendable that’s why there’s nothing that I didn’t like about the place.

Day 5


Today I went  to visit our last company which is MMDA. The place is just a few minutes ride from our hotel that’s why we had our wakeup call by 5am so that we could leave by 8am. When we arrived in the place, the MMDA Command Center is not that big which I expected because on my mind it was a place for monitoring the traffic and other services related to them, they should have a big room. Some of us were not able to sit because of the size of the place but disregarding the place they gave us an informative talk. They introduced us the equipment they use for monitoring traffic and the calamities that Metro Manila would encounter. MMDA is not just form monitoring traffic but they also monitor natural calamities like flood, earthquakes so that people from Metro Manila would be alert all the time and they could give assistance to those who needs. Metro Manila has hundreds of CCTV cameras installed so that the authorities would have equipments for monitoring purposes. They could monitor the traffic violators and even road accidents so that they could respond immediately if something might occur. They also showed us some road accidents that their cameras had recorded and those accidents were really bad because of the violations people commit. Some accidents are caused by lack of discipline of the drivers and worst some lives ended because of their recklessness’. After the discussion in the command center, we had our discussion about earthquakes and what are the dos and don’ts when there is earthquake. Some of us had experienced there earthquake drill inside the Shake, Rattle and Learn House, it is a house designed for earthquakes drills and on how to demonstrate what should we do when there is earthquake.

What I learned?

I learned that our government is really funding services that would really monitor the safety of Filipinos and MMDA is one of their products. Without their services, the traffic that we experienced in Manila but would be four times heavier than the actual. I also learned that we really need advanced technology in our country to assure the quality of services we need for the betterment of the country. Like, in monitoring traffic, we need advanced technologies like cctv cameras, a system that would help monitor and provide assistance to those who needs and also advanced technologies so that people would be alert and informed of the calamities the country would experience but all of this boils down to discipline that every Filipino must possess. Road accidents would be possible to prevent if each and every one of us had discipline in obeying traffic rules and regulations, natural disasters like floods would be possibly prevented if we have the discipline and care to our nature. The value of DISCIPLINE is what I learned that I need to improve during our visit in MMDA.

What I liked?

I like everything that we saw and experienced during this visit. Our experience when we had the chance to see the MMDA Command Center and see how they monitor Metro Manila, the experience we had when I was one of the volunteers to experience the Shake, Rattle and Learn House.

What I didn’t like?

The place is not that I expected because first of all it is small and could accommodate few people only.




What can I recommend for the improvement of the advance seminar program of USEP?

I recommend that students should choose also Model A because there are a lot of things to learn and experience when it comes to technology in Manila because most of the largest IT Companies are located in Luzon. I would also recommend that they should visit companies in which they wish to visit when it comes to IT related issues. I suggest they should also visit PLDT because of their advancement in technology. I would also recommend Maynilad as their travel agency because of the service they could offer. They arranged our itineraries best to suit our needs and the people in Maynilad were all nice and approachable.

My advice to those who will take their advance seminar program in the near future.

My advices to those who will take their advance seminar program in the near future is that they should bear in their minds that this subject for learning, it will provide us information and learning’s outside the four corners of our classrooms.  And also when they will decide on what Model they will choose especially if they will choose Model A which is in Luzon, they should really prepare a large amount of money to avoid problems on the preparation of the trip. They should also choose their set of officers which they know would be responsible in handling the class and would facilitate and work on the preparations for the trip and all of them should also cooperate for the success of their trip. And lastly they should always remember LEARN, LEARN, LEARN and HAVE FUN!

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