Y4IT 2013: Imagine.Innovate.Inspire

                Those three words are making up the theme for Y4IT 2013. But what is Y4IT? Because I am pretty sure that not all are familiar to this event. It has served as a hub for computer enthusiasts and technopreneurs to share ideas and talk about the latest breakthroughs in IT. Drawing thousands of attendees from all over the country, has inspired individuals to engage with one another and build on ideas that are both innovative and relevant to the community.


Y4iT envisions to empower the youth to break the barriers of today’s technology and create the technology of tomorrow.


The Philippine Youth Congress on Information Technology will be an avenue for the youth to share information, build new ideas and converge to be future leaders in the industry, committed in the pursuit of excellence in IT in the country and around the world.

                From the theme itself, we could already have a hint to what Y4IT is all about. It is a gathering of IT enthusiasts from all over country to share their ideas about technology to every participant attending the event. In this event, I am expecting a lot of learning’s from the talk of the speakers invited to impart their knowledge in their respective fields.  As I visited their site, I also checked on the speakers for the event and I am very excited to listen to them and inspire us on their thoughts about their fields. It is a great privilege for us students to attend the biggest IT event in the Philippines and that is Y4IT.It is a 3-day event but we will just attend on the first day since the payment is per day and it would cost a lot if we will be attending it for 3 days. Having this kind of event is very helpful especially to those who wants to be technopreneurs like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, as we all know that they are the world’s very famous technopreneurs and we all wanted to be like them not to be exactly like them literally but would be able to have a name on the IT industry. We, students,a re still newbies in this kind of event but we already experienced to think of ideas that involves technology that we could innovate in order to improve the quality of life during our technopreneurship class and it is not that easy to do. With this kind of event, we will be able to learn the techniques on how to come up with such ideas that will surely be an edge among others. New technologies are very trending today and its good that we could all have some information about the new technologies of today and how they are imagined from an idea and developed to improve the quality of life. I also wanted to be familiar with the new of different trends in the IT industry like in multimedia, games and etc. because I wanted to be engaged in a venture like multimedia and I am so amazed with what technology can do to enhance the quality of movies, pictures, and other stuffs related to it.  I am also expecting that I will be able to meet new friends since it is a big event participated by thousands of attendees from all over the world. I want to meet some of them and hear stories about their life in school if they are students or their life as an IT professional.  I want to be inspired and learn new things from them also and not just by the speakers. It is an avenue for us all to meet IT enthusiasts and we never know someday they may be able to help us with our ventures because sometimes it would be a help if we have connections especially from people related in our field.

                From the vision of this event, envisions to empower the youth in breaking the barriers of today’s technology and create for tomorrow. It means that they want to inspire especially the youth to break barriers of today’s technology so that we could create for the tomorrow because as we all now, the youth are very imaginative and anything is possible when it would be created in our their minds. If those ideas will just be developed and funded by institutions that will surely be a great help to the society. We are all facing the technological era, and we need technologies that would provide us easy access to everything because as far as I know, Philippines is way too far compared to other large countries when it comes to technology. We have lots of ideas to improve technology but it is not well funded by institutions and worst it is not supported that is why it is never developed. Through Y4IT, great minds will be able to encounter and sharing of ideas would the output and it is a stepping stone so that great ideas will be recognized all over the world.

                I really expect that this event would give us a lot of learning’s even though we will attend it on the first day, it would give us enough knowledge about the industry on how it really looks like in the real world because the speakers are already professionals that we can call as masters of their crafts. I hope someday I could be one of them. I hope someday I would be able to create new and innovative ideas that I can proudly share to the world. I hope that someday my ideas will not just stay on my mind but will be put into action, be developed and be released worldwide so that everyone will be given the chance to use it. Of what idea it is, I will still have to figure it out in the near future. I need enough time for serendipity walk in order to come up with great ideas that will surely improve the quality of life.

Source : http://www.y4it.org


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