Touchdown Manila! (My first airplane ride)


                Since I was a child, to ride an airplane was part of my wish list because I always to see the clouds very near to me. I wanted to touch them but I know it is very impossible to do but seeing them very closely is good enough for me. I also
cebuwanted to see the world, not literally, on a bird’s eye view. I am very curious on what it looks like if I am above. I am curious if I could still see people from above, if they will look like colony of ants if I am above. On my first airplane ride, I wanted to sit
beside the window so that I could see everything from above and I could enjoy the view. All of these are my curiosities and I will be able to answer all of those if I would just be able to experience an airplane ride.

                On our fieldtrip dated September 16, 2013 on Manila will be a very memorable day for me because it would be the day of my very first airplane ride and not just an ordinary ride because I am with my friends and of course with Sir RSG and Sir Pabilona. I can now imagine my excitement on that day because it would be a fulfillment of my wish since I was a child.

                I know that this ride would be very nervous because it’s my first time and also risk taking because there is no 100% assurance for a safe flight because accidents may happen unexpectedly but we can only hope and pray for the best and a safe flight for all of us. Part of it is the circulating news about the issue of Cebu Pacific Airlines and it would be the airline where we have booked our flight for Manila. Some of us are frightened of that issue and hesitated but as what our facilitator told us, he had explored the world with Cebu Pacific and accidents do happen unexpectedly and it is never predictable. If it would be our time then it will be, we can only pray for our safety.

                As the president of our FTS class, I am the one in-charge for our trip and one of my responsibilities is to book our flights and it is so stressful for me because I have to transact with a travel agency and negotiate for our tickets, I have to check the site every now and then just to know if there are promo rates even though it is the agency’s job to check the rates and provide us the cheapest fare rate but I want to be hands-on on this, so at around 1am-2am I checked for promo rates so that I could inform the agency about it and issue tickets for us. We are able to get promo rates but as we all know, promo seats are just limited so not all of us were accommodated for our Davao-Manila flight and waited for another promo and luckily there is and as usual not all of us were accommodated. I came up with the decision to request for a discounted rate that would accommodate the remaining students wherein their tickets are not yet issued and glad that the airline provided us the cheapest rate they could give for our group. Our Manila-Davao flight is not that stressful when it comes to booking because all of us were accommodated in their promo fare. I felt that it was an achievement that I was able to book our flight for our trip and I can no say that it’s “tuloy na tuloy na talaga.”

                 I have heard lots of stories from my friends on their first airplane ride and I want to experience all of those like it is very scary when the plane is about to take off like your heart would really beat so fast and I want to experience it also. I want to experience everything from the airport to the airplane like paying the terminal fee, check-in for the baggage and sit on the passengers’ lounge for us to wait for our flight number to be called. This trip would be very memorable and fulfilling for me because I am able to learn and experience the things needed to be done on an airplane ride. I envy my son because at the age of three, he was able to ride an airplane on their trip to Cebu but me, I am 21 years old and it would be my first time to ride an airplane but at least before I reach 22, I would be able to experience it. Our Manila tour would be an early birthday gift that I would be receive from my parents because we all know that this trip would really need a big amount of money and money is not that easy to find on the streets but they are able to grant me this trip considering that we are also facing financial difficulties. I am also happy that my mother is my sponsor for this trip because I don’t usually ask anything from her because of some personal matters but she agreed to pay everything on my trip and I am so thankful about it.

                I expected from my first ride and first Manila trip to be very fun and memorable yet very educational for all of us because of the set of activities that are lined up for our tour. Facilitating a big number of groupis not that easy because some are stubborn and would not cooperate during meetings but I’m still thankful to my officers because we worked hard for this trip and I do hope that my classmates appreciated all our efforts especially my efforts just to make our Manila trip possible.

                I am very excited on our arrival to Manila because I could confidently say and update my status on facebook that “Touchdown Manila!” like everyone is saying when they are in a new place. From the first day of our meeting in FTS, I am really looking forward on the date September 16, 2013.



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