PNoy’s SONA (My Reaction)


SONA 2013

First of all, I would like to congratulate our President, Benigno S. Aquino III for his State of the Nation Address last July 22, 2013. Though I wasn’t able to watch his speech but upon reading it, I can say that it’s a job well done. What I like about his speech is that he stressed out the improvements that have happened in our country and of course with the help of his allies and also us, his countrymen. Being a president of a country is not that easy, because you have a very wide scope of service and all eyes are on you and critics are very hard working just to see the flaws of your service. Being the president, I can relate in his situation that all he wanted for our country is to improve it and take us all to what he is campaigning “Daang Matuwid.”

But are we all in this “Daang Matuwid?” it is not impossible to achieve this goal if all Filipinos would cooperate on all the programs and projects the government would be offering us all because in the end we are the ones who will be given the privilege for the outcome of the projects.

We are tasked to identify at least two (2) areas related to ICT and identify how these areas can improve the quality of life. Based on what I’ve read on PNoy’s SONA, he mentioned that there is no shortage of Filipinos that are ready to pitch in and it is one of the effects of the changes we are now experiencing. Opportunities are maximize to for all especially to those who are in need and these would not only lead to our economic progress but also a door for us who will be looking for opportunities in the near future.

As part of the IT Industry because I am an IT student, I am truly happy that under TESDA’s IT-BPO Program, 70.9 percent of its graduates found employment and it is a successful program because the Aquino administration allotted an initial budget of 29.19 million for a program that will ensure a pool of highly competent trainers for the business process outsourcing industry.

“Being a world-class IT-BPO employee entails more than having effective communication skills. It’s also about the right attitude and possessing a high level of competency,” Benedict Hernandez

Yes, I agree with Mr. Hernandez because having the right attitude is more on what the society needs and of course the competency of an individual and this is the reason why there is a need to standardized training programs because it would be a solution for the growth of our industry to be stable if we are able to produce qualified individuals that would be a key for us to reach the goal we are all aiming and that is a—-development progress for our country.

I am also inspired by the story of the balut vendor who is a TESDA Scholar and now he is already an IT Web Developer. It only means that whatever is our status in life, if we are determined to be successful, anything is possible and of course with the help of programs that will enhance and train our skills that goal is not that far to reach.

“I went back to selling balut [fertilized duck eggs] while I was looking for a job. And then I heard that TESDA was holding trainings. I read up on these, and I registered. I’m very happy with how the TESDA program has helped me with my job-seeking. I’ve used what I’ve learned, so I can get a better life, so I can learn more things—especially applying what I’ve learned to my job.

— Emerson Paguia, TESDA scholar, IT Web Developer

Another area that is related with ICT is the PROJECT NOAH of the DOST and I am very proud that the developers of this system were once students from our school, University of Southeastern Philippines, and were also IC students.

But what is Project Noah all about?? This project is not the literal Noah’s Ark as we can read from the bible but it is an acronym that stands for Nationwide Operational Assessment on Hazards.  it is obviously stated what this is all about, its aim is to provide assistance and assessment to disaster prevention and warning against possible floods, typhoons and other disasters. Because all we all, our country is very prone to floods, typhoons and other disasters it is very useful for everyone because it can give early warnings for disasters that may occur especially to those in high-risk areas throughout the Philippines so that these disasters could be prevented.

By the time Project Noah was launched, a total of 525 automated water level monitoring stations and automated rain gauges have been installed in 18 major river basins throughout the country. Just by mentioning this project, I can say that the government is really doing their best to find ways on how to respond to climate change in order to prevent disasters that could damage our natural resources, properties and could even bring misfortune to our lives. Isn’t it amazing that even though there would be a disaster coming especially typhoons that may visit our country, we are all aware and ready for it and we could sleep at peace without even waking up in the middle of the night because our houses place were affected by flood? This kind of project is very useful and worth the cost for it is another step up or improvement that the government could offer to their countrymen.

On the last part of our president’s speech, he said, “I am a Filipino. How wonderful it is to be a Filipino in these times.” pnoy Truly, we are very blessed that we are Filipinos because despite the unending issues that are happening in our country there is still the traditional attitude of “kapit bisig” that we can still all work hand in hand just to achieve one goal and that is to bring change for our country and take us to that “Daang Matuwid.” With PNoy’s presidency, I do hope that it would not be that impossible to achieve because I do believe that we, Filipinos, are only hoping for the best for our country—Philippines.








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