What are the factors that contributed to the success and failure of Steve Jobs as a technopreneur?

After watching and completely understanding the movie, Pirates of the Silicon Valley, I came to know Steve Jobs better because all I know about him is that he was the owner of Apple, that he was the man behind the Apple gadgets that people are using nowadays. I only know his name but not his story.

There are lots of factors that contributed for the success and failure of Steve Jobs as a technopreneur and this factors made him a better man because without those, Apple will not be as successful as we can see today.

The eagerness of Steve Jobs to develop the very first personal computer leads him to the success of being a technopreneur. And of course, with the help of his friend, co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, and some of their friends that have this knowledge in developing programs. His perseverance to venture into the business even though they cannot get an approval for a loan in the bank and continued to operate and make business in his parent’s garage. I do really admire the qualities that Steve Jobs possesses the eagerness and perseverance because it had made him famous and was able to make a history out of it.

The movie does not only discuss his success as a technopreneur, it was also projected in the movie the downfall of Steve Jobs.  He became too obsessed of the success he had after getting into business with his computers and worst denying his own daughter not even considering that he was also an orphan. Because of his obsession for fame, he came to the point that even divides the company unto a rivalry where “Mac vs. All other Apple platforms”. This strategy had triggered Steve’s co-founder to decide to leave Apple and went back to college and teaches children about computers.

Steve Jobs is also an ill-tempered man because he gets angry and yell to his employees when they made some mistakes or when he is in the situation wherein in most likely he is threat. When his temper arises everything will follow like a domino effect that he would treat everything as a something isn’t working well. Like for example, when he had a fight with Arlene arguing about their baby, when he went inside their office, he yelled at his employees treating them like losers and idiots like persons that couldn’t make things right for him. He is an abusive man for all of his employees that he had strained 90+ working hours for his employees a week and sleepless nights because of programming. This attitude had led his employees to rebel against him because his employees also need some rest but he does not allow it. Employees should be treated as family not by just a mere person working to earn a living because his company will not be this successful without the help of his staff because I am pretty sure that he cannot do it alone. Having a bad relationship among employees and co-workers is not a good practice in business for a healthy and good relationship should be established among the people in the company so that the business will stay up and not fail but in Steve Jobs case, he was not able to realized the importance of it because all he is thinking is on how to win over IBM, which he considered as the enemy right from the very start. And for me, the biggest mistake he had ever done is to trust Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft. Bill Gates is the man who is also obsess of

Computers had led him to trick Steve Jobs of his plan of pirating their operating system. He had made his plan very smoothly that even Steve himself was convince that Microsoft is not a threat for his company only to realized after that Gates had copied their idea about Macintosh and had made a similar copy of it called Windows. As the mafia saying goes “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”, as Bill Gates told Ballmer his friend. He wanted to make friends with Steve because he was threatened by the success of Apple and because of Steve’s obsessive hatred to IBM, Bill Gates got him too bad for Steve that he trusted Bill Gates.

The success of Apple computers is rooted by the ability of Steve Jobs to sell it the crowd. He had this talent to convince people about their product also his eagerness to be in the business had made him to strive harder to have what he has but his negative attitudes had led him to become a failure and worst got even fired on his own company. I find it funny that none of his friends wanted to offer him a toast during his 30th birthday because of the fact that he had done to hurt his former best friends.

I learned that if you are on top, remain to be humble at all times. We must not forget the persons who had helped us to gain the success that we are experiencing like Steve Jobs when was the man on top, he became too obsessed and proud of himself forgetting where he started, the persons who are on his side that is why he failed but this experience of his had made him a better person because he got hired again by Apple in the year 1997. I admired his enthusiasm in his work because even though he got fired from his own company, he was able to have it back and proved to everybody that he is better the second time around.

How do you see yourself as a technopreneur? 

Technopreneurship is new to my vocabulary but from the word Techno means technology and Preneurship means entrepreneurship I came to understand what is this all about. Being an entrepreneur is never my forte, I hate selling stuffs because I know I am not good at it considering I haven’t tried it. But as our lecture in our subject Technopreneurship, I am able to appreciate it because entrepreneurship plus technology is a good combination considering that out generation today had this fast growth of technologies.

I would be honest that as of now I am at the middle of being a technopreneur because I still need to enhance my skills in selling products and thinking of useful products that involves technology that the market would love and would be a break for me.  But upon watching the movie, I had realized that it is not impossible to be successful in this track because Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are nobodies but look where they are right now still successful. Their talents and capabilities had made Bill Gates the wealthiest man in the world and Steve Jobs even though he is dead right now but his legacy still remains and been loved by the people.

When I was young, I always dreamed of having a business because I can see that it opens doors for a good profit like the typical business having a restaurant, hotel, salon, even having my own airport and own hospital but I realized being a technopreneur had so much things to offer because it had made nobodies into some bodies and until now we are needing and wanting to have their products.

Even though technopreneurship had more things to offer compared to other businesses that does not involved the usage of technology I’m still confused and can’t decide if I would venture in this kind of stuff but who knows, I might someday! Hehehehehe…

Would you take the same career path that Steve Jobs took? Why or why not? 

If I were to answer this question right now, I can’t tell it straight.

I admired the determination of both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates because it had made them both successful in their chosen paths. They are history and nothing can object to their contribution into our lives. They had made our lives easier because of their products. They introduced to us the power of computers and I am thankful that I am given the privilege to experience their products.

I want to be successful like them but I want to achieve it the in the way I know that I can. I want to have a business that syncs with things that I love like food, clothes, vacation spots, music but I am not closing doors in considering technology to become my business someday.

I want to be known because of what I had established and when this time would come, I can assure you that this what my heart wants. This what makes me happy and makes me contented in life and I can say that I am successful.

Just like in the movie, “The 3 Idiots”, the saying “Make your passion, your profession” this would be my motivation in whatever track I may take either east or west, north or south. Whatever I will take I will see it that it’s the right path for me.

Many thanks to this movie because it inspired me that it is not impossible to achieve our dreams. The concept of the computer is just an idea but because of their passion, the men behind the success of it, it had become a reality. I conclude that my dreams and goals in life is not impossible to happen, I just need to take the risks and have this unending motivation to have it.

Many thanks to the two men who had made a job well done. I admired on how passionate you are in your works. I know you had not taken it the easy way but on way that you had encountered obstacles which made you a better man.

“ Good artists copy. Great artists steal. “ – Picasso

Those words were just simple but it had made a great impact because it had led us to the birth of Windows in which most of us are using today. I can also relate with that quote because I consider myself as an artist but I don’t know which one, a good artist or a great one?

Whatever path or track I may choose it would be the one that will complete me and something I can consider as my own. As something I could be proud of not only me but also the people around that care for me. A path that would take me to a life that I always dreamed about, a life where there is happiness and contentment. A path that will be remembered even if I am gone.  A path that will help to bring out the best in me. A path that will turn my dreams into a reality. A path that could inspire people around me. Lastly, a path that I will surely love walk again and again and again and again and again.

In loving memory of Steve Jobs. You will always be remembered.


Thank you for the inspirations especially in the IT World.

Rest in Peace. 😀


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  1. I also watched this movie and i think this is a really good movie to watch if your a fan of Apple/Microsoft … even if Steve Jobs has wonderful ideas these will be all useless if he can’t handle the pressure around him and he needs to control also his temper.

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